Acoustic panels


Acoustic panels have become an essential element in the design and decoration of offices. They not only improve the acoustic environment in the office but also provide aesthetic effects.

Office spaces are often filled with various sounds such as typing, conversations, and phone ringing, which can disrupt employees’ focus and work efficiency. Acoustic panels can effectively reduce noise and create a quiet and comfortable working environment.

Glass rooms are often used to create open and modern work environments. However, glass rooms tend to produce strong echoes. Installing acoustic panels on the walls or ceilings of glass rooms can effectively reduce echo and resonance.

Acoustic panels not only serve a functional purpose but can also be a part of office design, adding beauty and style. There are various colors, shapes, and materials available in the market. Our designers consider the style and needs of our clients’ offices and can even customize the panels based on their brand elements to create a distinctive work environment for our clients.